Mastering Remote Presentations: Design + Delivery

20 Oct 2020
3:00 pm:00

Mastering Remote Presentations: Design + Delivery

Even once we begin returning to our offices, remote meetings and presentations are here to stay. Although they became more common long before “shelter in place,” mastering this critical virtual medium will directly impact your ability to sell through big strategic thinking, more creative ideas and stronger fees.

Longtime presentation design specialist, Nolan Haims, will outline how to create remote communications from four perspectives: Engagement, Design, Physicality and Technical setup. In this session, he’ll cover:

• Restoring and maintaining audience engagement
• Techniques for online collaboration and feedback
• Methods for more advanced presentation design, including online slide decks
• Maximizing your voice and body to restore all those communications cues you lose online
• Managing chat, Q&A and breakout rooms
• Simple lighting, sound and camera hardware and techniques to make you look more professional

Time will be provided for audience Q&A.